Way back in 1150, the Canons of Portchester Castle established a Priory at 'Suthwyk', as it was then known. Following the Dissolution, the Priory gradually became the ruined wall remaining today, but the village of Southwick continued its rich historical journey.

Brewing was part of that history until 1957 when Dick Olding, the last Master Brewer retired and the Brewhouse door was closed behind him. It was his skills that ensured Generals Montgomery and Eisenhower, and the American troops billeted on surrounding farms were never denied a pint in the village pub as they planned ‘Operation Overlord’, the D-Day offensive, from Southwick House.


Now that door is being open once more - the Brewhouse has opened as a Bottle-Conditioned Real Ale outlet. Previously restored in the mid 80's this Scheduled Ancient Monument containing every element of Victorian brewing equipment from the steam engine to the brewer's desk, creates the perfect setting for our stock of beers from around the country. Visitors will be able to soak up the atmosphere as they peruse the first floor of the brewery including the mash tun unchanged in any way from the photograph opposite.

For more information ring the Southwick Brewhouse on 02392 201133 or visit the website www.southwickbrewhouse.co.uk

Opening hours:

Wednesday - Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00pm

Sunday/Bank Holiday Mondays 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Suthwyk Ales