SKEW SUNSHINE ALE begins its nurtured life when we carefully sow the barley seed during early spring in the light chalky soil of 'SKEW FIELD'. The south-facing slope of the field ensures that every hour of sunshine is captured to produce a plump golden grain. Grain so admired by the Institute of Brewers that it has been awarded the 'Best Spring Barley in the South-East of England'.

CAMRA Beer Club

OLD DICK Dick Olding brewed in Southwick Brewhouse from 1906 to 1957, retiring at the ripe old age of 81.  He died soon after, taking his recipes with him, but with its old English hops and Southwick malted barley, we are sure that ‘Old Dick’ would approve this way of being remembered.



LIBERATION In 1944 at Southwick House, Generals Eisenhower and Montgomery launched Operation Overlord resulting in the liberation of France. Liberation Ale honours all the members of the Allied Forces who fought so fearlessly to gain victory and freedom.



PALMERSTON'S FOLLY named after the Portsdown Hill forts. Ironically, not a single gun was ever fired from any of these hill forts in anger. By the time construction of the forts was finally completed in 1868, France clearly had no intentions of making war on Britain and the forts had only limited strategic use. Ever since then this massive scheme of fortifications has become known as "Palmerston's Folly."





Hand malting using traditional methods in the historic Warminster Maltings guarantees Suthwyk Ales the finest malt which is the foundation of our light golden ales. In the final brewing, the malt is combined with farm selected hops ensuring a beer that is synonymous with the excellence that Suthwyk Ales has set out  to achieve.



SKEW SUNSHINE ALE (4.6% ABV) is brewed using a combination of lightly malted SUTHWYK barley and ‘Challenger’ hops to create a fresh, straw coloured ale with a citrus flavour and a light bitterness.

It appeals to young and old, men or women alike and can be enjoyed throughout the year.


OLD DICK (3.8% ABV) has crystal malted SUTHWYK barley added, as well as ‘Fuggles’ and ‘Goldings’ hops to impart a deeper golden hue. Mildly bitter with a fullness of flavour.

LIBERATION (4.2% ABV) is brewed from Southwick Barley and the American Hop ‘Liberty’, this beer is light and spritzy with blackcurrant overtones. It will lift your spirits and gird your loins.

PALMERSTON'S FOLLY (5% ABV) is a SUTHWYK wheat and barley beer, using Saaz and Styrian Goldings hops. Although it has 40% wheat in the malt it is a clear wheaty beer with a dryness that you would expect and a hint of honey in the after taste.


A unique and fun all year round gift containing:

4 x 500 ml bottles of :-

Skew Ale, Liberation, Old Dick and Palmerston's Folly

or any combination


We are members of Hampshire Fare

We are proud to have been chosen by Rick Stein to be included in his book the Guide to the Food Heroes of Britain : Where to buy the Best Produce in Britain and Ireland. Available from most book shops.

Suthwyk Ales




Suthwyk Ales were one of three finalists in the Hampshire Life Food & Drink Awards 2007 Drinks Producer of the Year category.

We were thrilled to be awarded Joint Winners for the South of England region Best Diversification category of the Countryside Alliance Best Rural Retailer competition 2006. Link to Countryside Alliance website

Strutt and Parker Farm Diversification Award - 2003 1st Prize